EUR/EPAL one-way pallet

Material: pine or poplar
On demand: dried and/or heat treated

Description: new and used (grey)
Size: 800×1200 mm
Carrying Capacity: 1.000 – 1.500 kg

Description: new and used (5-7 slatted)
Size: 800×1200 mm and 1000×1200 mm
Carrying Capacity: 500 – 1.000 kg (dependending on size)


Additional service:
– repairing
– purchasing


The EUR/EPAL pallet

At the beginning the different types of pallets were used primarily for rail freight, and their size was adjusted to the characteristics of the wagons. Until the 1960s, a lot of different types of pallets existed on the market, while, following the custom orders of the European Rail Alliance a single system in size and quality could be founded in pallet fabrication.

After the standardization of the EUR pallet, there have been exclusively reliable, good quality pallets  which are accepted by the European Union and which can satisfy all functional needs during storage and transport. Since  January 1st 2014, according to the decision made by UIC (International Union of Railways), instead of using the markings of each railway company (just like MÁV in Hungary) pallets marked with the UIC sign have become the official EUR pallets. Furthermore, since November 1st 2014, pallets marked EUR can be converted with pallets marked EPAL-EPAL.

One-way pallet

Nowadays in  industrial transport and storage  one-way pallets are considered as widespread and popular solutions. Due to its physical and functional advantages, this special type of pallet can be used in different areas:

  • One-way pallets fully meet every standard and quality expectation
  • They have high load capacity
  • Good prices
  • One-way pallets are available in eco-friendly version
  • They are perfect in different storage and transport areas

Choose only good quality pallets  made by reliable manufacturers and take a look at our wide range of products.

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